First Taste of Winter Brings Lone Point versus Kodiaks

First Taste of Winter Brings Lone Point versus Kodiaks

Women vs Lethbridge

On a cloudy, windy, crisp fall day hovering around freezing, The Lethbridge Kodiaks rolled into Medicine Hat to take on the Rattlers. The visitors were able to control the game early controlling the ball and the play in the midfield. By doing this it kept the ball in the Rattlers half for much of the time. The Rattlers were finally able to break down the Lethbridge attack midway through the first half. This resulted in a few long runs by the Rattlers Strikers. They never resulted in much with the Lethbridge Sweeper Lauren Gray cleaning up anything that came close to becoming a scoring opportunity. The Rattlers Keeper Amanda Oevering kept the Home side in the game stopping all 8 attempts against her in the half. The Kodiaks seemed to generate the only offense of the game as the Rattlers could not click offensively. The half ended in a scoreless tie, not really telling the tale of the game so far.

The second half started looking much like the first. The Kodiaks continued to control the play while the Rattlers tried to counter with quick runs down the field. The Kodiaks technical skill was simply too high for the Rattlers to win with their speed. The control on the ball from the Kodiaks was very high with few balls lost to unforced errors. As the half moved into the later stages the snow started to fly and the teams seemed to become even more tentative. Nobody pressing especially hard saw a slower moving second half. In the last 5 minutes the Rattlers staged a valiant attempt to score late and upset the Nationally ranked Kodiaks. It was simply too little too late and the teams ended with a scoreless draw.

The ACAC Players of the game were Jasmine Salmon for Lethbridge and Jadyn Fode for MHC.

Men vs Lethbridge

As the Snow started to fly in Medicine Hat, the Lethbridge College Kodiaks and the Medicine Hat College Rattlers faced off. The cold temperatures seemed to amplify the speed of the game early as it was almost needed to stay warm. It became evident quickly that the teams employed opposing styles of play. The Kodiaks continued to control the ball and move it slowly up the field. Trying to generate offence on crosses and passing plays. The Rattlers were playing a speed game. The counter attacking and through balls were evident as the home side's initial strategy. They were not as effective as the visitors game plan as the Kodiaks were able to generate a few scoring chances. The Rattlers pushed back with a few long runs and a chance off a set piece. Ultimately it was the Kodiaks drawing first blood late in the half. A set piece just outside the 18 yard box saw Sodiq Adekunle hammer the ball low short side for the first goal of the match. As the half ended the Kodiaks held on to their 1-0 lead.

The temperature continued to drop as the second half started. Now below freezing the stands started to thin. The Rattlers came out of the break with more fire. Able to push the ball deep down to the Kodiaks end. The home team drew a foul early in the half gaining a free kick just outside the 18 yard box. The home side was unable to convert on the great scoring chance. Every time the Kodiaks pushed into the Rattlers end, the back line was able stem the attack quickly. Mason Antler and Tom Bernhardt were instrumental on the Rattlers back end. As the half continued to progress the game seemed to get slightly tougher with harder challenges and riskier play from both sides. This lead to chances from both sides with another solid attempt coming from the Kodiaks on a free kick from 25 yards. Unable to convert the score remained 1-0. The game picked up in intensity as the game clock crept closer to the end. Back and forth the chances came at both end, the Kodiaks seemed to generate the better scoring chances. As the game came to a close the result remained the same with the Kodiaks winning 1-0

The ACAC player of the game were Sodiq Adkunle from Lethbridge and Tom Bernhardt for the Rattlers.