Rattlers Women Take Two Games, Men Drop Two

Basketball vs SAIT Nov 8
Basketball vs SAIT Nov 8

In women's action Friday night at home against SAIT:

The SAIT Trojans headed southeast down the number one to Medicine Hat to take on the Rattlers. Off to a slow start, the Rattlers hoped to turn the season around against a big rival. The Rattlers opened up an 8-0 lead keeping the Trojan off the board for the first 4 minutes of the game. The Rattlers extended their lead to 11 off a 3 from Amer Karamanos. SAIT finally responded scoring quickly and reducing the deficit to 13-5. The home side quickly responded with a quick two baskets increased the lead again to 17-5. The Rattlers were able to add on to their lead late and held a 15 point lead at the break, 20-5.

The Trojans were able to open the scoring in the second quarter hitting back to back 3 pointers and reducing the lead to 9 quickly. The home team was able to respond and extend the lead, but the visitors were not allowing the Rattlers to pull away. SAIT was playing much better in the quarter and matching Medicine Hat basket for basket. The score worked its way up with the rattlers leading 31-16 with 3 minutes on the clock. the Rattlers were able to maintain a lead into the half, up 36-23 at the break. the Trojans had a much better showing in the second quarter and the match looked much more even.

As the third quarter started, both teams looked to gain an edge coming out of the gate, but both teams came up empty on their first trips down the floor. The Trojans were first to break through scoring in the paint.  The Rattlers responded with a deep 3 and the teams got back to trading baskets. The home side was able to keep the visitors at an arms reach as they were able to control rebounds and limit SAIT's second chances. As such the Rattlers extended their lead again 55-33.

The Fourth quarter started with a quick rattlers bucket on the offensive end followed up with a steal on the other end. The Rattlers took further control shutting the Trojans down on the other end of the court. Medicine Hat was able to start to dictate the pace of play as the Trojans needed more quickly but were unable to generate scoring quickly. Dominating inside, the Rattlers big's were able to take liberties with the Trojan defense, constantly burning them on the spin move. The Rattlers continued to add insult to injury adding to their lead as the quarter wore on. The final ended 70-41 with the Rattlers running out the remaining seconds of the clock.

The ACAC Players of the game were Rachel Osczvski from SAIT and Paige Cooper from Medicine Hat.

On Saturday Night in Lethbridge:

The Lethbridge College Kodiaks were back in action against their south division rivals, the Medicine Hat Rattlers. Striving to keep their winning streak alive.   

Karli McLachlan of Lethbridge started the game off strong with a beautiful three pointer from the right side of the court within the first minute of the game. Even though the Kodiaks got an early lead, the Rattlers stayed close in their tracks, challenging their defense everyway they could until they finally managed to take the lead by just 1 point headed into the second quarter.

Rattlers fourth year, Paige Cooper put the 19th point on the board after she was fouled by Kodiaks first year, Jennafer Taylor. However, the Kodiaks were quick to come back, as Emily Greeno successfully executed a three-point shot, putting them just ahead of the Rattlers. It continued to be an intensely close game as both teams battled back and forth. As the second quarter ended, the Rattlers kept it close with a score of 31-28.

The Rattlers kept their momentum into the third quarter as they continued demonstrating impressive skills on offensive. Kodiaks continued to fight back, not allowing the Rattlers to get jump far ahead. The battle stayed consistent with the Rattlers having the lead, but the Kodiaks were just a few points behind, striving to take the lead headed into the fourth and final quarter of the night.

Katelyn Rozdeba of Medicine Hat came in hot putting another couple baskets on the board in the first few seconds of the fourth quarter. The Kodiaks struggled to get by the Rattlers defense and make the shots needed to take control of the game. The Rattlers continued to hold a forceful presence on the court with an impressive defense performance in the 4th quarter. This allowed Medicine Hat to take the game 61-50

Players of the Game:

Rattlers: #22 Katelyn Rozdeba

Kodiaks: #05 Denajha Kie

In men's action Friday night against SAIT:

The SAIT Trojans headed down the number one to visit the Snake Pit and the Medicine Hat College Rattlers. The 3-0 Trojans looked to continue their dominance in the ACAC south against a Rattlers squad off to a cold start. As the teams records indicated exactly how the game started. The Trojans got up to a 15-3 in the first 3 and a half minutes, forcing the rattlers to call a timeout. The Rattlers scored coming out of the break, but were answered immediately from the Trojans. The Trojans continued to score at will, blowing past the Rattler defense. The Trojans put up a 42 point quarter to the rattlers 18 and silenced the crowd in the process.

The second quarter started with a lack of scoring from both sides for the first few minutes. Neither team able to get a clean look, the first points of the quarter came off a foul shot. The teams continued to play a stronger defensive game and both teams struggled to put points on the board. With the trojans still with a large lead, the Rattlers patiently tried to chip away at the lead. however, any time they got any traction the SAIT offence was able to score and shut down the momentum. The Trojans continued to hold a large advantage at the half up, 34-57.

The third quarter started with the Rattlers able to play strong defense early and keep the pressing Trojan squad off the board on the first two possessions. This resulted in 4 team fouls in the first minute and a half. This meant that the Rattlers were fighting a tough battle right from the start of the quarter. Fighting from behind, Medicine Hat did not let up continually pushing and defending as if it were a 2 point game. The whistle and the trojans seemed to stop any Rattler momentum. The Medicine Hat squad continued to push even with all the adversity stacked against. At the end of the third the Trojans lead 70-52.

The fourth quarter started with SAIT scoring a quick basket, and a Rattler miss on the other end. The Rattlers were able to respond and force a turnover after their first basket. Defense was continually stressed on both ends as both teams struggled to find the basket. The score slowly climbed with SAIT firmly in control. Even with 5 minutes on the clock there was little doubt as to the result the only thing left in question was what the final score would be. The final ended 86-66 with the Trojans remaining undefeated.

The ACAC Players of the game were Ben Kamba from SAIT and Parker Davidson from Medicine Hat.

On Saturday night in Lethbridge:

The Lethbridge College Kodiaks headed into their home game against the Medicine Hat Rattlers, as they strived to extend their winning streak and stay undefeated on top of the south division standings.

Orin Porter Jr. of Kodiaks made his presence known starting the game off strong on the offensive end. Kodiaks' fourth year, Chris Thomson was not far behind and contributed to the Kodiaks' strong start with back to back baskets on the board. Nevertheless, the Rattlers did not fall too far behind as Arthur Rosa put his team into play. The intensity of the game was immediately heightened after there was verbal conflict on the court, resulting in Chris Thomson getting a technical. The Rattlers capitalized in the Kodiak's defensive and offensive errors as they used this to gain the lead by 10 points headed into second quarter.

Kodiaks first year, Chase Bohne capitalized the Kodiaks strong comeback with six made shots in the second quarter, making a statement on the court closing the gap between the Kodiaks and the Rattlers. The game quickly became heated as there were two technical fouls and one unsportsmanlike foul for Lethbridge. The Kodiaks took this to ignite the fire underneath their feet, managing to take the lead ending the first half with a score of 48-39. The Rattlers got into some foul trouble as one of their strongest players, Kieron Burgess, picked up his fourth foul of the night just before the halftime buzzer.

The third quarter started exactly how the Kodiaks finished the last one as they kept pouring shot after shot. Things got difficult for the Rattlers as Kieron Burgess picked up his fifth foul of the night right at the start of the third quarter, ending his play time. However, things got a bit intense between teams, but the Kodiaks remained stronger on offence. The Kodiaks bench showed their confidence as they took the floor for part of the quarter. Kodiaks Trey Bohne contributed two three pointers as Steele Jeff contributed 4 rebounds for the Kodiaks. The Kodiaks ran up the score and finished the third quarter with a 77-53 lead.

The Rattlers came out determined in the fourth quarter as they cut down the Kodiak's lead to 15 right away. However, the Kodiaks remained strong offensively as they made sure the Rattlers did not keep their momentum. Kodiak's Orin Porter Jr's led the scoring with three baskets to get things going for the Kodiaks. The Kodiak's bench also showed strength as they battled for the remaining of the quarter. The Kodiaks would end up taking the game with a 94-66 win over the Rattlers.

Players of the Game:

Rattlers: #11 Kieron Burgess

Kodiaks: #03 Chase Bohne