Rattlers Women Hand Kodiaks a Pair of Losses, Men Drop two to Lethbridge

Volleyball Action vs Lethbridge No. 9, 2019
Volleyball Action vs Lethbridge No. 9, 2019

In women's action on Friday in Lethbridge:

The Lethbridge College Kodiaks were back in-home action prepared to take on their rivals the Medicine Hat Rattlers. Kodiaks could not find their rhythm as they fell to the Rattlers in three sets.

The Rattlers came into the first set motivated to take control, quickly taking the lead. As the Kodiaks continued to fall behind with a score of 8-14, their coach, Anna Schwark made the decision to call a timeout to regroup her teams' efforts. The timeout deemed to be successful as the Kodiaks gained some control of the game. However, the Rattlers regained momentum taking the first set 25-18.

Headed into the second set, neither team managed to take control, as they fought point for point. As tension increased, coaches seemed nervous as to who would gain momentum to take the lead. After a long battle of back and forth the Rattlers managed to find their stride and take the second set with a score of 25-23, only needing one more set to win the game.

Kodiaks quickly obtained control in third set with the help of third year, Mack Lewicki achieving three aces in a row. However, the Rattlers fourth year, Brooke Christie rapidly gained 4 kills and was a powerhouse on the court, not letting her team fall behind. The Kodiaks struggled to regain the momentum they needed to surpass the Rattlers. Medicine Hat achieved the final win as they took the third set, winning the game with a score of 25-18.

Jamie Brown and Mack Lewicki were essential pieces on the court for Lethbridge, Mack achieved 10 kills while Jamie attained 23 assists and 10 digs, however it was not enough as Brooke Christie and Amber Stigter both carried out 11 kills, helping their team make it to the finish line.  

Players of the Game:

Rattlers: #08 Shaya Suchy

Kodiaks: #05 Mack Lewicki

In Saturday's match at home against the Kodiaks:

The Lethbridge Kodiaks headed to Medicine Hat to face the Rattlers in the back half of a home and home. Taking a 3 set victory the night previous, The Rattlers hoped for the same result on home court. Starting off very quickly the home side jumped out to an 8-1 lead. This forced the Kodiaks to use an early timeout. They took advantage of the break storming back into the set getting the score to 8-9 before the Rattlers again created a gap. This time only a small margin, the Rattlers held a 13-10 lead as the set hit the midway point. The Kodiaks continued to chip away as the score slowly climbed with the teams trading points. They again got within one 15-16 before the rattlers again pulled away scoring 4 straight making it 20-15. The teams went back to trading points until the Rattlers again scored in bunches and put the first set away 25-18.

The second set started with the teams trading points to start the set. Neither team held an advantage as the score was tied at 5 early. the Kodiaks went on a 5 point serving streak and were able to pull ahead 11-6. This forced the Rattlers to take an early timeout.  This seemed to ignite a spark as the Rattlers started to close the gap before the Kodiaks again started to score. The home side found themselves in a big hole down 17-11, with not much time to mount a comeback, it would have to happen quick. Lethbridge had other ideas as they were able to score again to extend their lead further. The Rattlers started to claw back in the set late making it more interesting but the Kodiaks were able to maintain their lead taking the second set 25-20.

The third set started with the teams trading points as the score slowly worked up for the first 4 points. From here the Rattlers again scored 3 straight to take a lead. the Kodiaks quickly erased the deficit and the teams remained even until 16 all. From here the Rattlers Josie Gosling went on a serving streak scoring 7 and helping the Rattlers to a 22-17 lead. on the final point of the set Rattler 5th year Shaya Suchy set a new ACAC Record for digs. As the Rattlers took the set 25-20 and a 2 sets to 1 lead.

Hoping to put the match away in 4, the Rattlers came out looking to finish fast. Unfortunately the Kodiaks were ready and were able to jump out to a 6-3 lead before the Rattlers battled back into the match. Lethbridge was able to maintain a slight advantage as the set entered the midway point, but the Rattlers remained within striking distance. Medicine Hat was able to tie the set at 11 before pulling into the lead 12-11. From here the Rattlers took over. They dominated the middle part of the set and were able to take a 21-15 lead entering the late stages. The Rattlers continued their play able to extend the lead while closing out the set. The final was 25-19 winning 3 sets to 1

The ACAC Players of the game were Sarah Hazen from LC and Shaya Suchy from MHC

Men's action Friday in Lethbridge:

The Lethbridge College Kodiaks were back in-home action prepared to take on their rivals the Medicine Hat Rattlers.

The Kodiaks and Rattlers started the game rallying back and forth as both teams looked for momentum to make a run. The Kodiaks had three players with three kills each. The set remained even until the Kodiaks were able to pull ahead capitalizing from the Rattler's mistakes. The Kodiaks took the first set 25-22.

The game continued to be exciting, but the Rattlers would start the second set pretty strong as they made a statement after a 5-0 run. Kodiaks managed to gain a bit of momentum; however, the Rattlers kept the gap within the score minimal, eventually attaining just enough points to win them the second set with a score of 27-25.

The Kodiaks came in ready to take control, quickly gaining points over the Rattlers, as they had difficulty defending their swings and blocks. The Kodiaks dominated on the court, while the Rattlers got in their heads and struggled to achieve the next point. It was not long before the Kodiaks were ahead by 10, demonstrating passion in every play. The Kodiaks coach, Greg Gibos make the executive decision to rotate his entire starting line-up to new players. Making the last few points nailing biting, but the Kodiaks pulled out their second win of the night with a score of 25-20.  

Headed into the fourth set it was an exciting start for the Kodiaks taking a 4-point lead until the Rattlers quickly came back to tie the game 11-11. Both teams kept battling back and forth. The Rattlers kept it interesting for the Kodiaks, but it was the Kodiaks who came out on top 25-21 to win the game 3-1.

The Rattlers gave the Kodiaks a run for their money as Aleksa Zivic (12 kills) and KeAndre Evans (9 kills) had strong performances. However, it was not enough to take down the Kodiaks. Carter Hansen and Michael Hummel were essential pieces on the court for Lethbridge, Carter achieved 15 kills while Mike had 9 kills and 10 digs as it was more than enough to carry the Kodiaks over the Rattlers, helping their team come out on top.  

Players of the Game:

Rattlers: #02 Dexter Mackie

Kodiaks: #18 Carter Hansen

Saturday night at home against the Kodiaks:

The Lethbridge College Kodiaks headed east to play the second half of a head to head against the Medicine Hat College Rattlers. The Kodiaks were hoping to build on a 3-1 victory from the night before, while the Rattlers were hoping home court would help their cause. The Kodiaks were able to gain a small advantage off the start, jumping out to a 6-3 lead early off some costly Rattlers errors. The Rattlers continued to burn themselves making silly errors and let the Kodiaks expand their lead 9-4. The Rattlers needing a change called a timeout and were able to come out of the break strong. Unfortunately for them this did not last as the Kodiaks continued to execute and the Rattlers continued to misfire. With all these mistakes adding up, the Rattlers had dug a huge hole they could not climb out of. The Kodiaks eventually taking the first set 25-16

The Kodiaks were able to keep their momentum into the first few points of the second set. the Rattlers were able to come up with a few big points and move into their first lead, up 7-5. The set evened out as the score approached the midway mark with the Rattlers maintaining their very slim lead. 2 controversial calls in a row saw the set closer than it should have and the Kodiaks tied it up at 11. The score remained close as the teams continued to trade points as the score climbed. Lethbridge took  a small lead late as they were up 20-18 late in the set. Lethbridge college was able to keep their lead as the set closed and took a close one 25-23.

The Kodiaks opened the third with 3 fast points to open a 3-0 lead. they scored the next one as well before the rattlers could respond, but the Kodiaks lead 4-1. Keandre Evans got behind the line and served 5 straight to take the lead only to be tied up on the next serve. The Kodiaks scored 2 straight again to take a 7-5 lead. the Kodiaks held this lead as the teams traded serves and the score slowly crawled up toward the halfway point. The Kodiaks increased their lead thanks again to Rattler errors and expanded the lead to 18-12. They increased it with 2 more points before an unforced service error. The Kodiaks had a massive lead late in the set and looked to put the match away quickly. The Kodiaks took a straight sets victory taking the third 25-18

The ACAC players of the game were Tony Albizzati for LC and Aleksa Zivic for MHC