Olson Earns First Coaching Win, Women win in Five

Volleyball action against the Olds Broncos, Jan. 11, 2020.
Volleyball action against the Olds Broncos, Jan. 11, 2020.

In women's action:

The Olds Broncos headed back into the Snake pit for the second time in 2 nights to take on the Medicine Hat College Rattlers. With a Dominant Rattlers win the day before, the Broncos looked to play much better than the night before, while the Rattlers hoped to build on a strong performance from the night before. The Broncos came out hard winning the first four points quickly with help from Rattlers errors. After a net call on the home team, the Broncos were up 5-0 before the Rattlers responded. Setter Molly Marie started the Rattlers momentum which quickly built and got them back within striking distance quickly. The Broncos lead 9-7 as the set approached the midway point. The Rattlers scored quickly on a Brooke Christie Kill and built even more momentum tying the set at 10. Form here the Broncos regained tons of momentum putting up 4 straight points to gain a large advantage once again. After a fifth straight point the Rattlers bench took a timeout in order to regroup. This did not help as the Broncos got out to a 18-10 lead and had a firm control on the set. the Broncos scored twice more before the Rattlers could answer making it 20-11. The Rattlers started to turn their play around but were too far behind to make any difference the Broncos cruised to take a 25-17 first set victory.

The Second set opened with the Rattlers holding serve and jumping out to a 4-1 lead. The Broncos responded and battled back to a 4-5 deficit only tailing by 1. The Rattlers continued to struggle to finish as the broncos were digging up everything. Finally clicking, the Rattlers score 5 quick points and lead 10-5 as the set entered the middle stages. The Rattlers Setter Molly Marie opened up a cut on her thumb and needed to be taped up in the middle of the set. the Rattlers came back out and took a bigger lead, now 14-7 forcing the Broncos to take a timeout. The Broncos got their side-out coming out of the break before the Rattlers answered back. The Broncos used a close net call to steal back momentum and bring the Rattlers lead back to 5. With the score 20-15 the Rattlers only needed to trade serves and side outs with Olds to tie the match at a set each. The Broncos would not roll over and refused to quit on any point. They started to come back but the Rattlers stayed just out of reach. Up 22-18 the Rattlers looked to close out the set, but the Broncos used their second timeout to regroup late in an attempt to come back. The Rattlers looked to close out the set with the help of 2 Dryden Gris aces they took the second set 25-19 tying the match.

The Third set started with a missed serve from the Broncos followed up with an Ace to take a 2 point lead. the teams traded side outs and the set was underway. The teams looked evenly matched with the score remaining close as the teams continued to trade points and side-outs. The Rattlers opened another small lead going up 4, 9-5. The Rattlers scored two more and were able to open up a 6 point margin just as the set moved into the middle. The Rattlers scored again opening a 13-6 lead with Amber Stigter serving. After another point the Broncos called a timeout down 6-14. Olds came out of the break and scored immediately but the Rattlers responded just as quickly maintaining their lead. Medicine Hat kept their foot on the gas opening up even more of a lead going up 21-11 late in the set. The Rattlers cruised to a 25-15 set 3 victory and had a chance to win in 4.

The 4th set got off to a quick start with the teams trading side-outs for the first 8 points of the set. the Rattlers were able to hold serve once and the home side held a slight advantage. With both teams flying across the gym to dig up balls, the defensive play was the highlight so far. The Broncos were able to score scrappy points, but the Rattlers offence was running at a much higher efficiency. The Broncos attacking errors were their own worst enemy. The Broncos battled back and took the lead 12-11 after some sloppy Rattler play. Medicine Hat used this opportunity to take their first timeout. The Rattlers took advantage of the break opening up a small lead. the Broncos did not take this lightly and battled back swiftly tying the set at 17. The Broncos struck twice opening up a 19-17 lead over the Rattlers. Medicine hat used their second timeout in an effort to change the momentum again. They scored coming out of the break to trail by one but a missed serve saw them right back in the same 2 point hole. Trading side-outs the Broncos looked to keep their lead in the late stages, but the Rattlers battled back quickly to take a 22-21 lead. The Broncos called a timeout and used this to swing momentum back their way taking the next 2 points and a 23-22 lead. a missed Rattler attack saw the Broncos with a chance to serve for the set but an error gave the Rattlers a chance to tie the set at 24 if they could hold serve. The Broncos took the point and won the 4th set 25-23

The 5th and decisive set started with the Broncos serving, the Rattlers quickly made a 3 hit side-out and the set wat underway. The Rattlers scored again thanks to a great dig from Brooke Christie. The Rattlers jumped out to a quick 4-0 lead in big thanks to Bronco errors. The Olds bench saw enough and called a very early timeout. The Broncos scored once before Megan Hoeber responded for the Rattlers with a big block. Olds outside Tabi Martin was their best player and server all game, serving 2 aces in a row in the 5th set to help the Broncos tie the set at 5. This forced the Rattlers to take a timeout. Olds scored again coming out of the break before a missed serve from Martin ended her run. This started a Rattlers run and they lead 8-6 at the switch. A big Rattlers block increased the lead to 3 before another scramble point saw the home side up 10-6. The Broncos battled back and tied the set at 10 thanks to some serves form Janeen Pellatt. The Rattlers got the next 2 points quickly and re- established a 12-10 lead forcing Olds to take a timeout. The Broncos scored to side-out only to be answered from the Rattlers who stayed just ahead. The Broncos continued to hang around just one back 13-12 nearing the end of the set. Medicine hat needed a side out but the Broncos tied the set at 14 on an extended rally. Trading side-outs the score tied at 15, the Rattlers earned a second chance to serve for the match. The Rattlers took the set 17- 15

The ACAC Players of the game were Avery Gammel for Olds and Dryden Gris for MHC

In men's action:

The Olds Broncos were back in the Snake Pit for the second time in as many days to take on the Medicine Hat College Rattlers. The Rattlers hoped for a better result than the night previous in which they took a tough 5 set loss. The Game opened with the teams trading side-outs for the first few points. Medicine Hat grabbed the momentum and went on a 5 point serving run thanks to big blocks and a few aces from Aleksa Zivic. This forced Olds to call a timeout down 7-2. The Rattlers came right out and held serve on a big block before the Broncos regained the serve. The Rattlers continued to roll adding to their lead opening up a 13-5 lead. this forced Olds to burn their second timeout early in the first set. the Rattlers continued to maintain their lead as the set moved into the later stages. Up 18-11 the Rattlers had a firm control of the first. They added 3 more to take a 21-11 lead making the lead double digits. The Rattlers cruised to take the first set 25-14

The second set started with the teams trading side-outs for the first 4 points of the set. the Rattlers again started a run and took a 6-3 lead before the Broncos could respond. the Broncos tied the set at 6 before the Rattlers gained the serve back. The teams continued to trade side-outs until a poor pass renewed the Rattler 2 point lead. Olds was staying right with the Rattlers in the set after a lopsided first. The Rattlers were able to add to their lead opening up a 14-10 lead. The Broncos were looking to come back and gain momentum but the Rattlers were able to answer every Broncos push. The 4 point lead remained as the score continued to climb closer to the end point. The Rattlers again extended their lead going up 20-13 forcing Olds to take a timeout. They used this timeout to stem the Rattlers momentum but not containing it. The Rattlers still held a 22-16 lead in the final stages of the set. Medicine Hat held on to take a 25-18 second set victory going up 2 sets to 0.

The Rattlers opened up the third set with a quick 3 contact side-out. A great dig and the Rattlers scored again. Another quick 2 points and the Rattlers had a 4-0 lead quickly. The Broncos were able to get 2 back before the Rattlers regained serve. The Teams traded side outs and the score started to slowly climb up the board. The Rattlers took control again taking a 10-5 lead with the help of no mistakes from the home side. This saw the Broncos take a time out. They were able to score three straight coming out of the timeout to reduce the Rattler lead. back within 1, only down 9-10 the Broncos looked to close the gap. Aiming to preserve the lead, the Rattlers Bench took their first timeout in an effort to reorganize. The Broncos tied the set at 10 thanks to Thundersky Walking bear going on a tear serving enough to tie the set. Again the teams traded side-outs as the now level set slowly worked up again. The Broncos took a small advantage up 15-13 as the set moved past the mid point. The Rattlers battled back again and were able to take a 17-16 lead as the end of the set loomed. Trading a side-out each the score continued to climb closer to the end with neither team holding an advantage. The Rattlers led 20-19 with the serve and were able to score again on a Broncos miss. The Olds coach's reaction earned him a yellow card for throwing a clipboard. With a 21-19 lead the Rattlers held a crucial advantage late in the set and the Olds bench took their second timeout. The Broncos came out and tied the set at 21, forcing the Rattlers to take their final timeout. The score was knotted at 22 and with no timeouts left the teams would play out the set. the score remained tied at 24. The Broncos scored the last 2 points and snuck out a 26-24 third set victory.

The fourth set saw the teams trading side-outs to start the set, but the broncos were able to score the next two to open a tiny lead. the Rattlers used this as motivation and battled back to take a 6-5 lead. they added another right after on an Olds miss and led 7-5. This shift caused the Broncos to take an early timeout. The Rattlers were able to hold on to their lead out of the break as the Back and forth play continued. Brooks was holding on despite being down a few they did not give up like the first 2 sets and continued to battle. The back and forth continued with the Rattlers leading 19-17 late in the set. Able to score the next two points, the Rattlers opened up a 21-17 lead late forcing the Broncos to take a timeout. The Rattlers were able to hold on out of the break trading side-outs and maintain their advantage. Medicine Hat was up 24-21 with a chance to serve for the set. the Rattlers held on for a 25-22 set win and a 3 sets to 1 victory.

The ACAC Players of the game were Haiden Hurtig for Olds and Dexter Mackie for MHC