Rattlers Men and Women both fall to Briercrest

Volleyball action Jan. 24, 2020
Volleyball action Jan. 24, 2020

In women's action on Friday night in the Snake Pit:

The Undefeated Briercrest Clippers headed into the Snake Pit to take on the Medicine Hat College Rattlers. The Clippers were able to get off to a fast start taking an early lead. The Rattlers struggled to convert offensively scoring on only 2 kills in their first 8 points, the rest coming off Clippers errors. The Clippers had almost doubled the Rattlers point total, leading 17-9 and forcing Medicine Hat to take a timeout. Briercrest was up big early and didn't show any signs of slowing down in the first set. The Ratters looked sloppy on offence and were not able to put together anything powerful or timed well through the whole first set. The Clippers cruised to a 1st set victory 25-13 and taking the first set.

The Second set started with the Rattlers able to open up a quick 3-1 lead before the Clippers quickly answered. With Reece Harder and Mia Harder at the net, the Clippers came right back and took a 6-4 lead with the help of some excellent blocking. From here Briercrest took over again, going up 10-5 in a blink of the eye. From here the teams started to trade side-outs as the score worked its way up the scoreboard. Briercrest continued to hold the Rattlers at arms length, answering every Rattler point with one of their own. Late, Briercrest was up 20-14 very close to closing out their second set. Able to easily cruise to a second set victory, the Clippers won 25-17 Taking a 2 sets to 0 lead.

Medicine Hat needed to find something and fast if they wanted to come back into the set. Opening the set with a big kill was a positive, but letting a roll shot in on the next play was not. Medicine Hat and Briercrest traded side-outs early with errors coming from both sides of the net. The teams were tied at 4 early with neither team having any sort of advantage. From here the Rattlers were able to rattle off 4 straight and take an 8-4 lead before the Clippers could answer. The Clippers started to come back back and chip away at the Rattler lead as the set move into the middle portion, The Rattlers fought back to re-establish their 4 point lead and forced the Clippers to take their first timeout of the evening. Coming out of the break the Clippers fought back to trail by 2, 14-12. They eventually tied the set at 15 before the Rattlers could once again hold serve twice to take an 18-15 lead entering the late stages. Medicine Hat held their advantage, up 20-18 they hoped to hold off the Clippers to extend the match to a fourth set. The Clippers came back to tie the set at 20. The teams traded side-outs as the scoreboard read 22-22. The Rattlers scored the next 2 to lead 24-22 forcing the Clippers to take a timeout. The Clippers used this break to come back and tie the set at 24. The Rattlers Brooke Christie got a hard kill, giving her team the chance to serve for the set. They needed only one serve as the Rattlers stole the 3rd set 26-24

The Clippers opened the fourth set with 2 quick points to open a small advantage early. Up 4-1, Briercrest looked to end the match in 4. The Rattlers looking to extend the match further, battled especially hard to dig up balls on the back end. Still, Briercrest was able to convert on offence going up 9-3 early in the set. Medicine Hat was having a hard time putting the ball on the floor and could not catch up to the Clippers High powered offence. They maintained their 6 point lead as they passed the mid-point in the set. Down 13-7 the Rattlers took a timeout in an effort to regroup and try to make their way back into the set. This did not help especially as the Clippers continued to out-pace the home side going up 18-9. Medicine Hat started to go on a bit of a run late, slowly chipping away at the Clippers lead. The Rattlers chipped away to down 17-21 forcing the Clippers to take a timeout. Out of the break, the Clippers converted the next two points to put a stranglehold on the match 23-17. This forced Medicine Hat to take their final timeout. The Clippers cruised scoring again, one point away from victory. They took the 4th set 25-18

The ACAC Players of the game were Mia Harder from Briercrest and Shaya Suchy for MHC

and on Saturday:

The still undefeated Briercrest Clippers headed back in to the Snake Pit for an afternoon rematch against the Medicine Hat College Rattlers. Hoping to keep their perfect season alive, the Clippers hoped to take advantage again on offence. The Rattlers looked to use home court advantage to play spoiler. Coming out strong early the Rattlers jumped out to a 5-2 lead. The Clippers started to click again on offence and battled back to take a 9-7 lead with the help of a Becky Garner ace.  The Clippers again showed why they were undefeated with a strong serving game, and strong offence, Briercrest continued to pull away 13-8 forcing Medicine Hat to take an early timeout. The Rattlers made a side-out right away and looked to build momentum at a critical juncture of the set. With setter Molly Marie serving, the Rattlers chipped away at the Clipper lead coming back to tie the set at 14. Taking the lead on the next point, the Rattlers looked to continue this momentum but the Clippers took their first timeout to calm down the game. Able to come out of the break to score, the Clippers took back the momentum as they took a 17-15 lead. The 2 point lead held for the next two points as the teams traded side-outs. The Clippers again took control with their service, handcuffing the Rattlers serve receive. With the Clippers up 21-16, the Rattlers took their second timeout in an effort to regain some momentum. Able to trade side-outs, the Rattlers still trailed late in the set. Able to score an ace, Dryden Gris brought the Rattlers within two before a Clippers side-out. With the clippers up 24-21 they had a chance to serve for the set. An error still gave the Clippers a chance to side-out to win the first. They only needed one chance to take a 25-22 first set victory.

The second set started out with both sides trading quick side-outs for the first 2 points. Another trading of serve and side-out saw the teams looking very balanced at the beginning of the second set. The Rattlers took another small early lead with a block from Megan Hoeber and 2 Dryden Gris aces. This lead continued as the score worked its way up. The Rattlers held a 8-4 lead but the Clippers were able to stay close coming up with well timed points. Briercrest battled back within 1 trailing 7-8, tying it on the next point with an ace. The Clippers again moved ahead in the middle portion of the set going up 12-8 forcing the Rattlers to take a timeout. The teams leveled off again and traded side-outs with the Clippers holding a slight advantage. A few long rallies saw both sides coming up with scramble digs and extending plays. The Clippers took advantage of these and were able to jump out to a 20-14 entering the late stages of the set. The Clippers continued to hold their lead as the set entered the late stages putting a stranglehold on the set going up 23-19. The Rattlers held serve but the Clippers made a quick side-out gaining a chance to serve for the set. Able to convert, the Clippers took the second set 25-20

The third set opened with the Clippers missing the opening serve but able to make a quick side-out to level it at 1. The Clippers were able to carve out the first 2 point lead of the set going up 6-4. The Rattlers came right back to take a 7-6 lead before the Clippers tied it at 7. The Rattlers took a small lead as the set settled in to the teams trading side-outs and serves. The set saw itself tied at 12  as the teams looked much more evenly matched in the set. The score slowly crept up as the teams continued to trade points and serves. The Rattlers goined a small lead again late, up 19-16 and forcing the Clippers to take a timeout. The Rattlers scored coming out of the break and took a 20-16 lead late in the set. With another quick point, the Clippers quickly took their second timeout down 21-16. The Clippers came out of the break to score 2 straight before they could respond. The Rattlers went up 24-18 and were able to serve for the set. They only needed one chance to take the 3rd set 25-18.

With the Clippers up 2 sets to 1, the Ratters needed another win if they hoped to extend the match to a 5th set. Hoping to avoid the sudden death 5th, the Clippers looked to end it quickly, able to take the first two points, the Clippers were off to a good start. The Rattlers responded with a big block but the Clippers again responded quickly. Able to get off to a fast start the Clippers took a 9-5 lead early on. The Rattlers started to quickly chip away reducing the Clipper lead to 2. The Clippers from here extended their lead to 4 again winning 2 long rallies. The momentum kept switching back and forth between the sides with each team going off for 2-3 points in a row. The Clippers held a 15-11 lead but the Rattlers continued to hang around just out of arms reach. Briercrest was able to take over going up 18-12 with the help of some Rattler errors. This forced the Medicine Hat side to take a timeout. This break did not help as the clippers came out of the break and scoring the next 2 going up 20-12. The Rattlers started to come back but still had a long way to go as they came back to trail by 5, 20-15. Able to score the next point as well, the Rattlers looked to take advantage of a long rally winning the point and trailing 17-20. This forced the Clippers to take their first timeout. This iced Rattlers server Maddie Edwards and saw the clippers take a 22-17 lead. They extended this again with 2 aces going up 24-17 and giving the Clippers a chance to serve for the match. They did not convert but it was only a matter of time as the Clippers took the fourth set 25-20 and 3 sets to 1 remaining undefeated.

The ACAC Players of the game were Kirsty Kindrachuck for Briercrest and Amber Stigter for MHC

In men's Friday night action:

The 10-6 Briercrest Clippers were in the Snake Pit to take on the 4-12 Medicine Hat College Rattlers. The first point was a marathon with the ball crossing the net at least 5 times. From here the teams moved into more traditional Men's Volleyball with points coming quickly on side-outs. As the score started to climb up, little separated the teams in the first half of the set with the teams knotted at 7. The Clippers were able to once again create a small advantage of 2 with the help of Bryton Codd and his offence. But the Rattlers Aleksa Zivic was able to serve 2 aces and erase the Clipper advantage. Briercrest scored again making their lead 14-12. The Clippers from here took a few weak points off Rattler errors and jumped out to an 18-13 lead. This forced the Rattlers to take a timeout. Medicine Hat was able to get a side-out out of the break, but was immediately answered by the Clippers. Briercrest continued to roll, relying heavily on their 2 offensive weapons, Karym Coleman and Bryton Codd. They propelled the Clippers to a first set victory, 25-19.

The second set started with another Clippers kill from Coleman, and a Rattler side-out to get things going. Another Clippers lead came from 2 Bryton Codd aces putting them up 5-2 before the Rattlers could answer. The only time the Clippers seemed to go away from Coleman and Codd were on a scramble play. With the Clippers exploding out to a 9-3 lead, the Rattlers took their first timeout. Briercrest continued to pull away coming out of the break. The score read 14-6 with the Clippers continuing to dominate play at the net. Their strong play continued from behind the serving line as the Clippers continued to serve aces going up 18-8 late in the set. With the big lead, the Clippers cruised to a 25-15 second set victory.

Down 2-0, the Rattlers needed the set to stay alive so they put a much different looking lineup on the floor. This spurred the home side to take a 2-0 lead before the Clippers responded. Briercrest came right back to take a 4-3 lead before the game again evened out with the teams tied a 5. Errors continued to kill the Rattlers, especially when they gained momentum. Again the Clippers started to carve out a lead, up 10-6 after more Rattlers errors. The Rattlers chipped away, only down 2, 10-12, they scored again and reduced the deficit to one. Able to score again right away, the set was knotted at 12. The Clippers broke the tie and again jumped out to a 2 point lead, 15-13. Medicine Hat was playing much better at the net and passing the ball in the set, leading to a tighter contested set. With the help of their 2 big hitters, Briercrest again extended their lead late, up 19-16 as the game entered the late stages. The Rattlers battled back quickly as a huge block brought them back within 1, 19-20. The Clippers responded quickly and re-took their lead, but the Rattlers tied it at 21 forcing Briercrest to take a timeout. The Clippers scored quickly out of the break and were able to take a 24-22 lead with a chance to serve for the match. The Rattlers gained a side-out but still trailed 24-23 in the final stages of the set. The Clippers took the Straight sets victory 25-23.

The ACAC Players of the game were Jadon Ward for Briercrest and Jovan Stepanovic for MHC

On Saturday:

The Briercrest Clippers headed back into the Snake Pit for their second game in 2 days against the Medicine Hat College Rattlers. The Clippers took a 3 set victory the night before and hoped to come out and sweep the weekend. The Rattlers were looking to play spoiler and take the Saturday contest. The teams started the match trading side-outs before the Clippers took a few straight opening up a 5-2 lead early. The Clippers continually relied on their powerhouse offensive weapons to produce their points. The Rattlers keying on this were able to start to match the Clippers and started to move the ball around on offence getting better looks. They chipped away and trailed by 1, 10-9. The teams continued their even battle as the score crept up. The Rattlers eventually tied the set at 15, off a big Justice Lesuk block. The Rattlers continued to hold momentum going up 18-16 entering the late stages of the set. The teams traded side-outs as the Rattlers lead 21-19. The Rattlers held this lead adding one more, 23-20 leading late. They scored again and had a chance to serve for the set. They lost the serve but made the side out for a 25-21 first set victory for the Rattlers.

The second set started with both sides trading side-outs for the first 6 points of the game. Tied at 3 there was no early advantage for either team. The teams continued to trade serves as the score continued to climb evenly up the scoreboard. 5-5, 6-6, 7-7, as the match remained deadlocked. The back and forth continued until the Clippers Bryton Codd served 2 straight to put Briercrest up 13-11. The Rattlers batted back to tie the set back up at 14 and the set continued to be a long hard fought battle. Neither team held any real advantage with the teams tied at 17. Another couple side-outs traded and the teams remained tied at 19. Still tied at 21, neither team could hold serve long enough to create an advantage. Clippers Bryton Codd strung 2 serves together to give Briercrest the 23-21 lead late. This forced the Rattlers to take a timeout. The Clippers still held a small lead up 24-23 needing a side-out for the win. Briercrest took a timeout to ice the serve hoping to even the match at a set each. The Rattlers tied the set at 24 before the Clippers got their side-out forcing extra points. The Clippers won 27-25 in a tightly fought battle.

The third set started the best of 3 between the Rattlers and the Clippers. The Clippers were able to take a 3-1 lead early off a Rattlers error. The Clippers quickly scored again taking a bigger lead before the Rattlers could respond. They responded hard with an ace of their own after a quick side-out. The Clippers were able to hold their early lead as the set moved into the middle. The Clippers held a 7-11 lead and were able to hold off the Rattler attack. The teams were trading side-outs again until another quick Clipper burst put them up 10-15, forcing a Rattler timeout. The Clippers continued to turn to their big 2 Codd and Coleman were the Clippers most effective players and helped open up their teammates with the Rattlers keying on the two. The Clippers exploded out to open a 22-14 lead over the Rattlers and continued to pull away late. Briercrest took the third set 25-16 and opened a 2 sets to 1 lead.

The fourth set started with the teams trading serves and side-outs early. The Clippers again took an early advantage going up 9-4 with the help of their big 2 again. The score read 7-11 with the Clippers able to maintain their early lead. The Clippers looked strong as they passed the midway point increasing their cushion. The Rattlers continued to be plagued by their own errors making mistakes that cost points and momentum. The Clippers doubled the Rattlers score 16-8 forcing the Rattlers to take a timeout. The Clippers had the game in firm control up 17-10 as the entered the later stages of the set. With little to do but trade side-outs, The Clippers were content to do just this. The Clippers were able to hold on and take a 3-1 set victory winning the final set 25-18

The ACAC Players of the game were Bryton Codd for Briercrest and Justice Lesuk for MHC