Rattlers Annual Award Winners

2017-18 Rattlers Award Winners



Female Athlete of the Year

Kennedy Werre - Women's Basketball

Male Athlete of the Year

Brodie Dolter - Men's Volleyball

Female Rookie of the Year

Kate Rozdeba - Women's Basketball

Male Rookie of the Year

Chad Sieben - Men's Volleyball

Lisa Tschritter Memorial Award

Tyler Olson

Brett Griscowsky

ACAC All Conference Student Athletes

Women's Basketball

Kennedy Werre - 1st Team

Kendell Kuntz - 2nd Team

Women's Soccer

Jordyn Bell

Meagan Clarke

Women's Volleyball

Shaya Suchy

Amber Stigter

Men's Basketball

Aaron Cameron - 1st Team

Jon Sappleton - 1st Team

Men's Soccer

Albert Woodroffe-Brown

Rodrigo Tavares

Jared Ursulan

Men's Volleyball

Brodie Dolter

ACAC Tournament All-Stars

Women's Basketball

Kennedy Werre

Courtney Henry

Women's Futsal

Meagan Clarke

Jordyn Bell

Men's Volleyball

Vitor Kfoury

Men's Futsal

Jared Ursulan

Rodrigo Tavares

ACAC Player of the Year

Kennedy Werre - Women's Basketball

CCAA All-Canadian

Kennedy Werre - Women's Basketball

CCAA Academic All-Canadians

Kennedy Werre - Women's Basketball

Meagan Clarke - Women's Soccer/Futsal

Jon Sappleton - Men's Basketball

Jared Ursulan - Men's Soccer/Futsal

Brodie Dolter - Men's Volleyball

Men's Soccer:

Player's Choice - Jared Ursulan

Most Improved Player - Ethan Hudec

Rattler Award - Mike Gurski

Women's Soccer:

Player's Choice - Jordyn Bell

Most Improved Player - Shaelyn Holdaway

Rattler Award - Meagan Clarke

Men's Futsal:

Player's Choice - Rodrigo Tavares

Most Improved Player - Albert Woodroffe-Brown

Rattler Award - Victor Cambeiro

Women's Futsal:

Player's Choice - Jordyn Bell

Most Improved Player - Jasmin Salmon

Rattler Award - Cassidy LaRochelle

Men's Basketball:

Player's Choice - Jon Sappleton

Most Improved Player - Brady Resch

Rattler Award - Aaron Cameron

Women's Basketball:

Player's Choice - Morgan Muir

Most Improved Player - Kate Rozdeba

Megan Kondor (Rattler Award) - Courtney Henry

Men's Volleyball:

Player's Choice - Brodie Dolter

Most Improved Player - Justice Lesuk

Brett Bell (Rattler Award) -Tyler Olson

Women's Volleyball:

Player's Choice - Amber Stigter

Most Improved Player - Grace Porter

Rattler Award - Shaya Suchy


Player's Choice - Nicole Schultz

Most Improved Player - Troy Ferguson

Rattler Award - Brett Griscowsky


Rattlers Fan of the Year

Joe Martineau

Rattlers Appreciation Award

Peggy Kelly

Angela Adby

ACAC Minor Official of the Year Award

Lynn Konrad