The MHC Rattlers Booster Club is a group of dedicated volunteers who played collegiate sport at MHC. The group formed in 1988 under the Alberta Societies Act and supports student athletes through scholarships and program enhancements at the college. The Booster Club serves as a rallying point for athletic alumni and community members of the Rattler Nation. In this 30th anniversary year, they hope to see their endowment at the college reach $1,000,000.

Keeping the connections with teammates and players from other seasons and Rattler sports is an important and rewarding part of the Booster Club's activities. In addition to re-connecting with the Rattler family, making a difference in the lives of future student athletes is key to the Club's mission.

Support of athletes and athletic programming take time, and it takes money. The Booster Club works throughout the year by volunteering and specific fundraising projects such as 50/50 draws at Rattler home games and an annual Booster Club Raffle. These activities allow the club to make annual contributions to awards and scholarships at MHC and toward building their endowment that will help support athletes for years to come, as well as a variety of enhancements to the Rattler Athletic Program.


Apart from regular donations toward annual scholarships, the Booster Club has provided additional support over the years. For example:

  • Funds for exhibition travel.
  • Extra equipment such as a secondary score clock, sound system, shooting machine and scorer's table.
  • Sponsorship of national tournaments and Jingle & Mingle Fundraisers.
  • Hosted Roster Hall of Fam Breakfasts to recognize individuals and teams who have been outstanding and have been a great part of the growth of the athletic program at MHC.
  • Grown an endowment fund to nearly $1,000,000 that will help support student athletes for years and generations.


Former Rattlers / Rattler Nation

There is a role for former Rattlers and supporters from the Rattler Nation to play in supporting current and future athletes.

  1. VOLUNTEER: The Booster Club is always on the lookout for new volunteers to help on the committee, or just to lend a hand at their bingos and casinos. When big events such as provincial championships come to town, volunteer support makes the event a success.
  2. BOOSTER CLUB SUPPORT: Support the Booster Club throughout the year by buying 50/50 and raffle tickets - revenues from these activities support students.
  3. NETWORK: Reach out to other Rattlers you played with to help build a bigger, stronger network of alumni. Make sure that your former teammates receive newsletters like this by updating their contact info with the college.
  4. CHARITABLE DONATION: Donate directly to the Booster Club Endowment at MHC. We are looking for alumni help to get to fulfill the long-time goal for this fund. $150,000 in donations this year would help the Booster Club Endowment Fund to reach its goal of $1 million, ensuring support for student athletes in perpetuity.


OPTIONS: Every small donation will make a big different in our drive to support student athletes, and we have options for you to consider in order to fit this support into your charitable plans:

  1. Monthly pledge - choose a monthly gift to fit your budget of $10, $50, or take part in the Graduation Year Monthly Challenge (monthly ongoing gift equal to your graduation year; finished college in 1999 = $19.99 monthly gift). You can set this up online through your credit card on a monthly basis.
  2. One-time donation - choose to give a large amount once, and consider the Graduation Year Challenge (grad year times ten; finished college in 1999 = $199.90). You can mail a cheque to MHC Foundation or complete the gift online.

Be sure to select the "MHC Booster Club" when setting up an online gift at For any issues with the online donation system, or to discuss a larger donation to this fund, please contact Jenna Williams.

Current Membership

President  Donna Schneider 
Vice President  Karen  Bongaards
Secretary  Trevor Stach
Treasurer  Alaina Stratton
Members at large:  Peggy Kelly
   Brian Adby
   Angela Adby
   Jamie Herman
   Collin Ralko
 Staff Liasons  Terry Ballard
   Patrick Sharp
   Kristina Segall
   Dean Studer

For all ideas or inquiries, please contact the Booster Club at or reach out to the friendly volunteers at any home Rattler games.