Support the Rattlers

We are striving to provide our student athletes the maximum possible scholarship support in the hopes of having more and more Canadians choose to stay at home for their post-secondary education. Meeting challenges and pursuing excellence are what college academics and athletics are all about. Your support will go a long way towards keeping the RATTLERS TRADITION alive!  

MHC is proud to offer an opportunity for you or your organization to support Rattlers Athletics through the Adopt-A-Rattler program. Your contribution will provide benefits to your adopted athlete and their team. These benefits include exhibition travel, accommodations, clothing, equipment or other competition-related expenses.

About Our Athletes

It is almost impossible to combine studies, competition and employment. Rattlers are required to be full-time students which means at least 15 – 20 hours in the classroom and perhaps an additional 20 hours a week for studying and reading. They also train or compete for six months of the academic year. In season training averages four to five days a week. This totals approximately 10 hours a week training time, not including competition and travel. In addition, student athletes contribute their limited free time for fundraising activities, media events and community service.

Our student-athletes need your help to excel both in the classroom and on the court, soccer pitch or golf course.

If you click the box below you will be directed to a secure site where you can make a donation online.  You can click the dropdown menu and select the specific sport you would like to help and you can make it out to an individual athlete as well.  Payment is accepted by credit card or PayPal.